How to be Sarcastic

A well thought out guide for those who don’t know…


1. Choose your target carefully.Avoid people who could beat you up physically or verbally or are authority figures.

2. Be tactful and tasteful. Try to avoid telling jokes about issues that the person is insecure about, such as weight. It is not very tasteful, for example, to make jokes about a fat friend again and again.

3. Deliver your joke quickly. If you wait too long, it loses its value and makes you look bad.

4. Poke fun. Be very observant of what people look like and what they are wearing.

5. Listen very carefully to what people say. Many people will set themselves up, so take advantage. You need not make the person feel bad; just show him the problem with the point that he is trying to make. 


5 Great Reasons Why You Should Wear Thongs!


1. No more annoying panty lines
Visible panty lines wherever you are is definitely a girl’s worst nightmare: so embarrassing! With thongs there is no more being ashamed to wear those tight fitting jeans!

2. Sex appeal
Most women claim that wearing a thing makes them feel sexy-and I agree! How you feel about your underwear can determine how sexy you feel and feeling sexy on the inside will definitely portray on the outside!

3. Your bum looks great!
Another great thing is that a thong leaves your bum in its most natural form, making you look great!

4. No ride up
Most women experience a ride-up with their normal panties, leaving them feeling uncomfortable.  With a thong, that’s a problem of the past!

5. Space Saver
Here’s a great thing: thongs save up space! Their so small you’ll be saving closet space or bag space qhen traveling even though you pack in hundreds of them!

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense

Sometimes it never does. Everyone has heard that everything happens for a reason, but still we can’t help but ask why. No one can really say that everything that has happened to them contributed to their lives by being a learning experience,  ’cause sometimes things just happen and it feels so unnecessary when looking back on it. You can’t say “yeah that learned me something” about everything. I’m in a rut right now with this specific topic on my mind. A lot has happened to me basically since I  hit puberty and most of it feels like bullshit to me. Friends, school, boyfriends, family…the list can go on and on and on. Thing is, when times like these appear, I just wish I had a freakin remote to skip all those “happened for a reason” bullshit.


Unordinary Valentine’s Message

It’s the day of love again, celebrated worldwide. It’s a day created to love, be loved and just love. I personally love Valentine’s day and spend it doing something extra for the one I love. But this day isn’t just about love, it’s about hope, freedom and joy. Today, we get to be free to secretly love who we want, sending anonymous love letters and bright red roses. We receive hope in a chance you otherwise may have been to afraid to take and joy when we receive something special or see how loved someone feels when they receive your gift. This day is about creating a chance for people to express how they truly feel. And yes, we should be doing this everyday, but why not have a day which makes it a little bit easier? I used to hate Valentine’s day. I saw it as stupid and ridiculous and now I’m inlove with it. Even if you benefit nothing from this day, just think about the joy someone else may have experienced instead of labelling this day as trash. Love, if you aren’t loved, and you will see al the love being poured onto you. 

Enjoy this day!!

And then I came across this..

All Couple Argue

I know that. I hate those couples who’s like “Oh noooooo, we never argue about anything!” . Cut the bullshit. Every couple argues and mostly it’s about stupid little things. I searched for funny pictures on the web and came across the one above. It got me thinking about my own relationship. I’m the bird on the right side by the way. Nevermind that, me and fiancé argue about the most ridiculous things sometimes and I decided to make a list. See if you can agree:

  • The “but you always__” fight: a desperate attempt to win when you actually have nothing left to say
  • The “what are we eating” argument: when neither feels like suggesting something, but end up unsatisfied when the other suggest something
  • Where to put things in the fridge: yes, we argue about this. I like food groups put together and he just throws in what he likes where he likes!
  • Snoring!: We always argue about this, in a funny way of course, but still, we do.

That is my top four, I don’t know if you agree?



Prove them Wrong

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s that you need to choose your life partner really carefully. You need to find someone who will support what you do 100% even if they think it’s the dumbest thing to exist. If you don’t, there will always be conflict about that specific issue. But then again, sometimes you find someone you love ’till death who just doesn’t appreciate the thing you appreciate in life. That, can really make things rough. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, the feeling of hurt and betrayal crawls up inside of you when your partner thinks something you have a real passion for, is stupid. In that case I say: PROVE THEM WRONG! Show them exactly why you love doing what you do and why you aim to succeed in it. That’s it from me.



Smile, okay?

big smileHappy dancing, hands clapping (singing) x3 ! Oh what the heck. So I think I’m happy, no actually over excited and flying high up in the clouds. I just realized something: fuck everyone. Life is such a joy. And memories made can never be taken away. Just try to always be happy. No matter if something feels crappy. (Look at that, I just made a little rhyme!) To get to the point since I really don’t feel like writing a essay about how I feel right now, just be happy. Never let your own depression cloud hide the sun of the world.